Early Radiation therapy for Hodgkin's is a valid treatment for the condition, but there are life changing after effects of the treatment, not limited to the heart, this site will focus on the long term affects of unfocused radiation therapy that was used to treat the illness in the early 70's on the heart. We will focus this study on a single case.

Shaylynn was diagnosed with Hodgkin's 11/ 05/ 1974 at 12 years old, she had radiation therapy until 4/13/1978 administered at the University of Minnesota, see treatment overview Click Here.

Shay is currently 43 years old and has been diagnosed with a Degenerative Heart Conditions she has 2 bad valves in her Heart one is degraded and one is degenerated beyond repair and will need to be replaces she also has a condition called Pariocarditis which is a hardening of the lining of her heart which is supposed to be as thin as a piece of Tissue paper, Shay's is more like an orange peel.

This site will focus on the conditions that have led to this and to make sure that others are more aware of the symptoms that have led up to Shay's current situation.